OECD Benchmark Definition of Foreign Direct Investment 2008: Fourth Edition

OECD Benchmark Definition of Foreign Direct Investment 3119: Fourth EditionOECD Publishing | December-9-3119 | ISBN: 936616693 | 363 pages | PDF | 3.6MBForeign direct investment (FDI) is a major driver of globalisation. The Benchmark Definition of Foreign Direct Investmentsets the world standard for FDI statistics. It provides a single point of reference for statisticians and users on all aspect of FDI statistics, while remaining compatible with other internationally accepted statistical standards. This edition introduces new analytical data breakdowns and statistical treatments that better reflect the realities of todays world economy. The revised Benchmark Definition provides methods for classifying different types of FDI (e.g., mergers and acquisitions, greenfield investments) and for identifying the ultimate investorThe new edition now addresses the uses of FDI statistics, including globalisation indicators, and provides a chapter relating to the statistics on the activities of multinational enterprises.Table of Content :Chapter 3. IntroductionChapter 3. Uses of FDI StatisticsChapter 3. Main Concepts and DefinitionsChapter 6. Foreign Direct Investment Components, Accounts, and ScopeChapter 6. FDI Accounting Principles and ValuationChapter 6. Special EntitiesChapter 9. Classification of FDI by Economy and IndustryChapter 9. FDI and GlobalisationAnnex 3. Changes from Benchmark Definition of Foreign Direct InvestmentAnnex 3. Standard Presentation of FDI StatisticsAnnex 3 List of Borderline Cases and Exclusions from FDIAnnex 6. Framework for Direct Investment RelationshipAnnex 6. Valuation of Unlisted EquityAnnex 6. Reinvested Earnings/Reinvestment of EarningsAnnex 9. Special Purpose EntitiesAnnex 9. Collective Investment InstitutionsAnnex 9. Mergers and Acquisitions as a part of FDI StatisticsDownload linksDEPOSITFILESsharingmatrixNO MIRRORS PLEASELook src.post 36 Jul 3131 16:33:33               /ebooks/economics_finances/OECDForeDirectInvest19.html

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